Aiten Allakhverdieva

Oxford English Academy Student Aiten Allakhverdieva

Oxford English Academy is a wonderful place to improve your English. All aspects are equally taught and after 3 weeks here, I can say that my skills have visibly improved. Besides teaching, the school offers a great range of extra activities worth trying! Thank you

Student, Russia

Giovanni Argiuolo


My experience was very nice. I’m very happy to have chosen this school to improve my English. It was a real pleasure to meet people like Nick and Greg!

Student, Italy

Giancarlo Gastellana


The school is in a good position near Oxford and my host family was only 5 minutes walk from the school. The teachers are the best to improve my English! I am happy to attend these lessons.

Student, Italy

Pamella Aleixo


Oxford English Academy was a very important experience in my life. I started at Oxford English Academy not speaking a word of English and today I leave more confident and much better than when I started.

Student, Brazil

Talita Canedo


Studying at Oxford English Academy was certainly one of my best choices, I thought I would just learn English, but I discovered a new family that always supported me and showed me that I am capable.

Student, Brazil

Eyad Alraime


I really enjoyed the school, I felt like it is my second home, everybody is humble and funny, even the education is strong, I’ll bring and advise everyone I know who wants to study English to go to Oxford English Academy, You are the best!

Student, Saudi Arabia

Stephany Medeiros Miranda

Stephany Medeiros Miranda, Oxford English Academy Student

Thanks Oxford English Academy, it was an incredible experience. Thank you for all the support and for listening to me when I needed it. I’m grateful for meeting everyone. Thank you for making my little journey here joyful and productive.

Student, Brazil

Redha Felemban

It’s a nice school, helpful staff and qualified teachers.

Student, Saudi Arabia

Ammar Bukhari

Ammar Bukhari, Oxford English Academy Student

I like everybody here. They are friendly. I enjoyed here, big hug for everyone.

Student, Saudi Arabia


Angelica, Oxford English Academy Student

It was one of the best experiences of my life because I’ve learnt and I’ve improved my English not only on the books but by living the culture every day at school, at home with my wonderful host family and during the social activities with my amazing teachers. I will come back!



Silvya, Oxford English Academy Student

I have enjoyed the time spent here. The atmosphere in the school is very friendly and the teachers are very professional. I enjoyed the trips arranged by Oxford English Academy and I spent a very good time with my host family’s mother. It was a great experience!


Ejona Jorgji

Ejona, Oxford English Academy Student

I have been studying here for 3 weeks and I would have stayed more. I would like to recommend this school to everyone. Everything was excellent; the school, the host family and the teachers. My teacher Nick is excellent at teaching, and all other teachers are available for anything you need. It was a very good experience and I hope I can do this again in the future.

Student, Italy


Kattia, Oxford English Academy Student

It’s a good experience for me. Thank you!!


Mattia Chini

Mattia Chini, Oxford English Academy Student

The school is very professional and I’m very happy to study here. Thank you!

Student, Italy

Elena Rizzo

Elena Rizzo, Oxford English Academy Student (2)

I’ve spent amazing few weeks here, I had a lot of fun and also learnt a lot. I would love to stay more, and I think I will come back. I felt like home in Oxford English Academy!

Student, Italy

Mane Chobanyan

Mane, Oxford English Academy Student

I’ve studied here for three weeks, but I wish I could stay more! My experience has definitely been very positive: the school is small but very clean and organised, the staff are friendly and willing to help you with anything you need. My teacher was fantastic, and I am very happy with the way the lessons are organised. I feel like I have improved alot! Over all, the environment is very nice and I think I will come back next year!

Student, Italy

Vivian Rammin

Vivian Rammin, Oxford English Academy Student

I was very happy to be here, I learnt a lot and improved my English a lot during the last few weeks. I like the teachers and the other students that I met in the school. The best thing for me was the small classes.

Student, Germany

Elena Maffeis

Elena, Oxford English Academy Student

My experience at Oxford English Academy was very positive, in just a week time I improved my English a lot, I had many opportunities to talk with teachers, staff and other students so my English became more fluent. Nick is amazing, a very good teacher and he always makes me feel like I am a perfect student!”

Student, Italy

Ylenia Polillo

Ylenia Polillo, Oxford English Academy Student

The lessons are very interesting! I have learnt a lot from them and the staff and the school are fantastic!

Student, Italy

Mathilde Allio

Mathilde Allio, Oxford English Academy Student

My experience at Oxford English Academy was very good. One week has passed too quickly! The staff is perfect, my host family was awesome and the lessons were very interesting. It was a pleasure and I hope I will be able to come back. It was such a great experience!

Student, France

Raffaella Travaglia

Raffaella, Oxford English Academy Student

I’ve improved my English with fun exercises and topics. I’ve met very nice people from all over the world and the teachers are very friendly and funny. The afternoon social activities are very useful for improving my speaking, meeting people and seeing the city. I would recommend the school to all! The best one!

Student, Italy

Selim Hachana

Selim, Oxford English Academy Student

I have been in Oxford for already one month now. It seems like I arrived yesterday. It is the best experience that I have ever had. Perfect school with awesome people. If people are thinking about studying in here I encourage them, they will not regret it! We only live once!

Student, Tunisia

Emilia Dias

Emilia Dias, Oxford English Academy Student

Thank you for the welcome. I loved the school and the teachers. The level of classes was correct. I’ll be back at the next opportunity!

Student, Congo

Sandra Annie Bernede

Sandra Annie Bernede, Oxford English Academy Student

I was was lucky to live for 1 month at Oxford English Academy in Cape Town. This experience was memorable! The school lodged me with a host family, who was a great family! The house being located close to the school so I could walk to it. The school is made up of a fantastic administrative team! Smiling, funny, and kind staff without losing professionalism. Any question, queries ask them! They are always ready to help you.

Student, France

Pedro Flavio de Gastro

Pedro Flavio de Gastro, Oxford English Academy Student

I had a good experience at Oxford English Academy. The staff in general are very good, they help us a lot with everything and I have learned so much at Oxford English Academy. Everything that I know about English I learned here and I want to stay thank you very much for everything that you have done for me, I will never forget that, I am very grateful!

Student, Angola

Tareq Ibrahim Aashour

Tareq Ibrahim Aashour Oxford English Academy Student

It was amazing to study at Oxford English Academy and I can’t believe that I’m leaving today after seven months. I’m so proud of the school and myself because when I came here, I started as an Elementary level student and now I’m an Advanced level student. Oxford English Academy is now like my second family.

Student, Saudi Arabia

Abdalaziz Ashmam

Abdalaziz Ashmam, Oxford English Academy Student

It was an amazing period that I spent here at Oxford English Academy. The teachers are so friendly and helpful.The staff was also helpful to me and I would like to thank them very much.

Student, Libya

Verena Baule

Verena Baule,Oxford English Academy Student

It was good but too short. The staff is friendly and the teachers are fantastic! Staying in a host family gave me a great opportunity to get in touch with other cultures and to learn more about it.

Student, Italy

Abdullah Ahmed Ali Bengamil

Abdullah Ahmed Ali Bengamil, Oxford English Academy Student

I came to Oxford English Academy because I wanted to learn English. I like studying at Oxford English Academy and I enjoy studying with my friends. I am happy here! Thank you so much!

Student, Yemen

Guadalope Campo Gonzales

Guadalope Campo Gonzales, Oxford English Academy Student

I really enjoyed my time at Oxford English Academy. I have improved my English and now I feel more confident. Teacher Andrea and Teacher Marita are excellent teachers. Thank you to the awesome staff, teachers and students. I will never forget this experience.

Student, Spain

Priscilla Naomi Conceicao

Priscilla Naomi Conceicao - Oxford English Academy Student

I like the people and the atmosphere in Oxford English Academy. I recommend it to my friends because it’s well-priced, it’s a good school and you get personal attention.

Student, Angola

Gina Gnapini Mafra Santos

Gina Gnapini Mafra Santos - Oxford English Academy Student

I like the atmosphere here at Oxford English Academy! It’s fun, vibey and I can talk to anyone here. There are students from all over the world. The teachers are good and their teaching methods and accents are excellent.

Tourism Student, Brazil

Angel Mba Abeso Obono

Angel Mba Abeso Obono - Oxford English Academy Student

Oxford English Academy is a good school. I like the programmes that they offer. The teachers, the morning and afternoon classes and the social programme help students to communicate and improve their English.

Lawyer, Equatorial Guinea

Abdulmajid Waled Dayl

Abdulmajid Waled Dayl - Oxford English Academy Student

I like Oxford English Academy because the teachers are really good. The students are fun and we often go out together. I recommend Oxford English Academy to all my friends because you can learn English really well here.

Student, Saudi Arabia

Valentin De Passorio Peyssard

Valentin De Passorio Peyssard - Oxford English Academy Student

Oxford English Academy is a modern school with lots of colours and it’s comfortable. I will recommend this school to my friends and family as you are not just a number and the teachers and staff know you by name.

Student, Reunion Island

Anneke ten Berge

Anneke ten Berge - Intern at Oxford English Academy

I really like the location of Oxford English Academy because it’s central. The team is quite small here so I get a lot of responsibilities. This is one of the reasons I’m learning so much from my internship.

Intern, the Netherlands